Welcome to the Members Area!

Hey [wlm_firstname], welcome!

On the left menu you can find all the resources available for the Web Analytics Blueprint membership.

They are mainly video tutorials right now, but you can also find audio and PDF resources.

Where to start

Before you get going make sure that you check the [Getting Started] and [Business Objectives and Goals] sections under [Master the Basics].

They are the foundation of this course and will help you get started with Web Analytics, even if you have a Google Analytics account which you check regularly.

What’s next

I will update the members area reguraly and I will let you know when that happens via email. If you haven’t confirmed your subscription, please do it now so you can get notified of updates.

Soon there will be available for you interviews, Q&As, webinars and additional resources on Conversion Tracking and Optimization, A/B Testing and much more. This is just the beginning!

To your success!

Eugen Oprea